National TU Dnipro Polytechnic — Compliance with the Time


Branch of Knowledge: 18 "Production and Technology"

Speciality: 184 "Mining"

Specialization: "Mining energy and mechanical complexes"

Educational-qualified levels: bachelor, master.

Forms of study: full-time, part-time, external.

Teaching term:
3 years on a daily form for the graduate students of technical schools;
– 4 years on daily and extramural forms for the graduate students of schools;
– 3 years on an extramural form for the graduate students of technical schools.

– 1 year 4 months on a daily form and on an extramural form.

Object of Research - mining energy and mechanical equipment, stationary plants, complexes, aggregates for excavation and transportation of minerals.

Bases of Knowledge and Abilities of electrical and mechanical engineers make fundamental scientific disciplines, disciplines of engineering mechanics and electrical engineering, technological disciplines.

Special Knowledge students get during the study of modern constructions and design methods of mining, stationary and transport plants, electric drive systems and power supply in mining, methods and facilities of management of the mining energy and mechanical complexes, designing the complexes of technological equipment, transport, pumping, ventilation, production of the compressed air and climatization, heat pump and waste heat recovery plants, measures of energy-savings and increase of reliability of exploitation of mining equipment.

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