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Since the foundation of Dnipropetrovsk Mining Institute the courses such as Mine Hoisting, Pneumatic, Ventilation and Pumping Plants were lectured by the specialists from the Department of Mining Mechanics. In 1901-1906 these courses were lectured by a Mining Engineer Aleksandr Mihajlovich Shergin, who paid special attention to the foundation of theory and machine designs.

Since 1906 the lectures on Mining and Metallurgical Mechanics were conducted by Fedorov Mihail Mihajlovich. It was the time of repid development of mechanization of mining works. For the drive of hoisting, compressor, pump and ventilating plants electricity came to play. Electrical drive usage increased the influence of the dynamic phenomena on the mining machine operations. It was notices by М. М. Fedorov in his dissertation "Theory ant calculation of harmonical mine hoisting"in 1916. Since that time he began to manage the section of mining and metallurgical mechanics.

З In times of work in an institute (1906-1919) an academician М. М. Fedorov founded a new direction, which in future outgrew in the first scientific school of mining mechanics in Ukraine where a lot of famous specialists in mining got their knowledge.

In 1920-1930 Makarov Vasyliy Stepanovich managed the section of mining and metallurgical mechanics. In this period the employees of the section of mining and metallurgical mechanics took part in building of the mines in Donbas and Kruvbas, and also conducted scientific researches in mining mechanics improvement.

As an independent administrative unit the Department of Mining Mechanics was founded in July 1930. Since that time it became authoritative scientific subdivision in the area of designing and exploitation of mine plants.

The first head of department (1930-1960) was Tupitzyn Heorgij Mihajlovich, associate professor, candidate of technical sciences. Under his guidance the research of automation of mine pumping plants was conducted and the charts of automatic control of the mine pumping plants was offered.

In 1960-1963 Pravytzkiy Nykolay Klimentjevich, associate professor, candidate of engineering sciences, managed the department. This scientist did a great work in equipping of the department laboratory, in particular, he created the unique laboratory of mine hoisting, as well as the laboratory of hydraulics and pumps.

In 1963-1981 the department was managed by Murzin Vladimir Aleksejevich, professor, doctor of engineering sciences who upon graduation in 1941 year went on Second Word War and passed his way from Stalingrad to Berlin. After his guidance the systematic experimental research of pneumatic plants of the mines of the Central district of Donbas were conducted. The results of which underlaied dissertations of V.A. Murzin and Y.А. Tzeitlin were the theory of the optimal designing of these plants was developed. V.A. Murzin had authority over scientists and produsers as a prominent specialist in his industry.

A long time on a department the professor of Tzeitlin Yurij Anatolievich worked fruitfully. Devoted his life to teaching and scientific research on the department of mining mechanics of Dnipropetrovsk Mining Institution, where worked since 1962 to 1980. Basic directions of scientific activity are improvement of the theory and methods of designing and exploitation of pneumatic, degasification plants and mine air-conditioning. He developed the fundamentals of the control over deep mines microclimate.

In 1981-1996 Vinogradov Boris Volodymirovich, professor, doctor of engineering sciences managed the department. He developed and implemented the technical solutions on the power consumption decrease and efficiency increase of mills and hydrotransportation systems in mining.

Since 1997 Samysya Vladimir Illich, professor, doctor of engineering sciences, has managed the department. Under his guidance the research on the improvement of the brake systems of mine hoisting machines are carried out on the basis of complex researches of dynamic processes in the single mechanical system of the hoisting setting and brake occasion. The solution of the problem of wrecking of the miners from underground horizons, as well as cages at their hanging up in the barrels of mines by implementation of the mobile hoisting setting of АРППУ- 6,3 has been carried out by the staff the department under guidance of professor Samusya V.І.

The teaching staff of the department is filled up with candidates and doctors of sciences. Since 1930 graduate students and of the department have prepared and defended 26 candidate and 6 doctoral dissertations.

Doctoral dissertations have been defended by V.A. Murzin (1965), Y.А. Tzeitlin (1969), B.V. Vinogradov (1985), О. M. Shatylo (1985), V.І. Samusya (1997), E.A. Kyrychenko (2002).

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